Top 10 Attractions of the English World

Exciting places to visit in English-speaking countries.

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For English learners, travelling to the homelands of this language can be a useful supplement to your classes. This is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the English world and practice. You might be wondering where to start? There are countless English-speaking places you could spend a week or two. 

The best place for English learners to travel to are places that attract like-minded individuals. You could of course choose somewhere remote and less populated. But this would give you less exposure to native speakers. It’s also worth noting that popular tourist destinations see tourists from all over the world on a frequent basis. Tourism hot spots are equipped with helpful people who understand the struggle you will be going through. This is why we recommend vibrant, popular destinations as your first English language immersion experience. 

Below, you will find our curated list of the best places for English learners to travel to:

Statue of Liberty

New York City sees 66.6 million visitors every year. Many of these people will not be native English speakers. This makes New York an excellent place to fully immerse yourself without the pressure. The Statue of Liberty in particular is an impressive and awe-inspiring structure. It was a gift from France, built by Gustav Eiffel in 1885. This statue itself came across the ocean by boat from a non-English-speaking country. It stands as a testament to the multicultural atmosphere of New York. Let this statue inspire you to step out of your comfort zone!

Statue of Liberty


This mysterious collection of symbolically arranged stones has stunted historians for centuries. It has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1986 and has since seen 1 million visitors every year. Historians believe that it was constructed around 2000 BC. Back then, there were no forklifts, nothing that could have been used to arrange these rocks in such a weight. Each rock weighs up to 40 tonnes! This makes it a fascinating structure to ponder over. It is also in the South of England and close to other exciting places like the University of Oxford and Blenheim Palace. This is an excellent place to visit in tourist groups with other travellers, taking the stress off of navigating the English countryside.Stonehenge

Grand Canyon

Another awe-inspiring place to travel that sees 5.9 million visitors every year! The Grand Canyon is a beautiful collection of red rock basins sprawling across Arizona plains. It is one of the most studied rock formations in the world. This is due to the exposed layers of rock, allowing archaeologists to date it back 10 million years! Because this place sees so many tourists every year, there are plenty of helpful tour guides that can escort you to this remote landscape. Listening to a tour guide can be a helpful and immersive way to study English while marvelling at this geological masterpiece! 

Grand Canyon

Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco enjoys a whopping 25 million tourists every year. This is due to its magnificent architecture and sightseeing. The Golden Gate Bridge is a one-mile suspension connecting San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The impressive structure was designed by Joseph Strauss in 1917 and has since become a symbol of California. It ranks among America’s Favourite Architecture. There are many ways you can enjoy this magnificent structure while also taking a ferry tour group. This makes it easy and accessible for students exploring the English world.

San Francisco

Sydney Opera House

This performing arts centre is widely known as one of the most distinctly recognizable structures in the world. Adorning Bennelong Point in the Sydney Harbour, It’s more than just a pretty sight. For an English learner, nothing could be better than taking a pit stop on your travels to enjoy a performance by native speakers. These performances are attended by 1.2 million people every year. Next time you’re in Australia, don’t miss a trip to this architectural masterpiece to enjoy an Opera or a Symphony. 


Tower Bridge & Tower of London

This Impressive bridge adjacent to the Tower of London is difficult to miss when flying over London. The impressive structure stands as a symbol of English culture and heritage. The Tower of London sees upwards of 2.8 million visitors every year. The bridge itself has a museum along the top which sees 500,000 visitors a year. With English translation headsets for tourists, this duo of British architecture make for a fascinating day out. London is known for its multiculturalism, so you will never be out of luck finding a tour guide or a service to help you feel comfortable and welcomed in the English world. 

Tower Bridge

Niagra Falls

Easily the most powerful waterfall in the English speaking world, with 168,000 cubic metres flowing through the falls every minute. Niagra Falls is a popular tourist destination on both the US and Canadian sides. The Maid of the Mist is a popular tour boat that requires a waterproof poncho to enjoy. This boat glides as close as it can to the base of the waterfall. But don’t let your day stop there, the Niagra region is famous for its Canadian wineries and sprawling nature. With 8 million visitors per year, this makes for a guaranteed enjoyable place to visit. 


Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest network of coral reefs in the world! Located just off the coast of Queensland Australia, it enjoys 3 million visitors a year. While this collection of natural beauty exists all on its own without language, it makes up a large part of Australian identity. Tourism and conservation industries come together to protect this UNESCO world heritage site. Taking time out of your Australian trip to enjoy the bounties of nature with locals can be a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the culture.

Barrier Reef

Empire State Building

This glorious structure is one of the 7 wonders of the modern English world. Built in the art deco style, it was the world’s tallest building for nearly 40 years. The Empire State Building attracts 4 million visitors a year because of this impressive height. You can ride the elevator all the way to the top and enjoy a sprawling view of Manhattan and the surrounding New York City skyline. Seeing a major English speaking city on such a large scale will inspire you to know more about the culture. 


Cliffs of Moher

Ireland is a beautiful country with epic landscapes. It also has a booming tourism industry! With 1.5 million visitors a year, see the filming location for some of your favourite movies! This impressive collection of cliffs is located on the west coast of Ireland in County Clare. While these cliffs can be accessed from multiple points, it’s best to go through the visitors centre, as this is where you will receive the most help, translations, and information on the area. 


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