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All about Inner Circle English Speaking Countries

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All about Inner Circle English Speaking Countries

If you’re thinking of learning a new language, the most useful one you can learn is English. This is due to its expanding popularity in more than just native-speaking English cultures. The English language is the most popular second language learned worldwide. It is the official language of 59 sovereign states and 27 non-sovereign entities. It is the most widely spoken language!

They say in order to learn a dominant language, you should start by learning about the culture first. This is because language is heavily based on gestures and exchanges that vary in different regions. It also gives you a head start on what that culture values. Knowing the culture allows you to learn more about important phrases and expressions.

However, because language is such a fluid subject. The definition of “English-speaking” varies from country to country. This is why Linguist Braj Kachru developed the three circles model in the mid-1980s. This allows us to measure the level of English speaking in each place, and how it has impacted the culture (and vice versa). The 3 categories are as follows:

The Inner Circle

Also the smallest (like a bullseye), an “Inner Circle” is a country where English is the native language of nearly the entire population. This includes: The United States, the United Kingdom and Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, and Canada. The important thing to note about the inner circle, is that these countries are proficient in English. They dictate the way the language is used and contribute changes over time.

The Outer Circle

This is actually the middle circle. This includes countries that widely use English as their second language. It is widely used in these places for school, trade, and business. These countries include India, Nigeria, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Kenya, Jamaica and Papua New Guinea, and Singapore. The outer circle challenges the norms adapted from inner-circle countries and builds upon the English language with its own flare.

The Expanding Circle

This is the largest circle of the bunch. It belongs to the countries where English has not culturally impacted the country, but its commonly spoken for business.m Countries in this Circle include Russia, China, Japan, Brazil, and much of the rest of the world. The Expanding Circle depends on the other circles to set the standard for the language’s use.

In this blog, we will explore a list of all inner-circle English-Speaking countries on the world map. We will also give you some defining qualities of each country, so you can have a head start! May this guide act as your jumping-off point to your cultural exploration.

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What Are The Inner Circle English Speaking Cultures?


The greatest difference between Australia and most of our other English speaking cultures is its position on the globe. This directly impacts climate, seasons, agriculture, and wildlife, among many other things. Australians enjoy sunny and temperate weather for most of the year, which allows for more outdoor sports and activities.

This active lifestyle also impacts their overall health as a nation. Australians have a higher life expectancy than many other countries, with an average of 84.6 years. 85% of Australians currently rate their health from good to excellent. They also have a 7% lower obesity rate than other English speaking countries. All of that sunshine and outdoor activity keep this population energized and full of life!

Aside from its quality of life, Australia has a diverse ecosystem. Although most of Australia is covered in desert lands. The landscape covers a diverse range of habitats, from alpine heaths to tropical rainforests, and is recognised as a megadiverse country. It is famously home to the Great Barrier Reef, which houses a diverse oceanic ecosystem as well.

Interested in Australian cuisine? Some of their iconic dishes include pavlova, meat pies, and fairy bread, along with snacks such as Tim Tams, Vegemite, and Anzac Biscuits.

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New Zealand

Just south of Australia you will find this glorious collection of rugged islands. New Zealand is located in Oceania and houses some of the most dramatic landscapes in the world. Its inhabitants may be few, but New Zealanders are a lively population with a passion for the great outdoors. This is also home to the Maori population, who are indigenous to these islands and have a rich culture of their own.

One of New Zealand’s most famous imports is Manuka Honey. This pricey liquid is known for its antibacterial qualities because it is derived from the Manuka Tree. This plant only grows in New Zealand and has been used by the Maori population for generations. The reason for the high price tag is this honey can only be harvested once a year in the few weeks that the tree flowers.

This country has 13 sprawling national parks, including Tongariro’s volcanoes, a dual world heritage site. These parks cover all landscapes, including lakes, mountains, and valleys.


Great Britain

Home to historic monuments and architecture as far as the eye can see, Great Britain will inspire anyone looking for English culture. While London is home to a bustling cityscape and world-famous museums, the fun doesn’t stop there. Take a train out of the big smoke and you will find castles, cathedrals, and stately homes that will rival Westminister Abbey.

This densely populated island Is made up of England, Scotland, and Wales. Each country has its own unique heritage to set itself apart. England is famous for its history and figureheads, Scotland is known for its national parks and castles, and Wales is known for its more rugged, natural beauty, complemented by dozens of castle ruins from yesteryear.

The population is a lively one, known for being avid Rugby and Football (Soccer) supporters. It’s not difficult to spy on the countless stadiums from an aeroplane window. A good game gives the British a fun night out and an excuse to display some national pride.

If there’s one thing Great Britain knows how to do, it’s a sauce, jam, or condiment. Some of its most popular are Picalilli, Branston Pickle, Marmite, HP Sauce, and Roses.

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Canada is an expansive landscape and diverse English culture. It’s the 2nd largest country in the world, making up 6.1% of the planet’s landmass. Most of this land is quite tricky to live on, as the country is largely covered in bedrock (The Canadian Sheild). As a result, most Canadians tend to hug the border between Canada and the US. There is ample freshwater supply from the Great lakes here. These lakes allow for fertile soil that Canadians can farm effectively and live comfortably.

Canadians are known for their interest in Hockey and Lacrosse. Both of these sports are popular here and make use of the cold winters and the hot summers. The seasons in Canada can be very extreme in temperature, so it’s nice to have a variety of outdoor activities such as skiing, skating, snowshoeing, and cross country.

Because Canada has a relatively small population that mainly stays in the south, there is a plethora of untouched land. Canada is home to sprawling national parks, including Banff, Jasper, and Algonquin. In these parks, you will find extensive wildlife, including black, brown, and Grizzly bears.

Of course, Canada is known for its most popular (and tasty) export: Maple Syrup. This sweet liquid is a staple in many kitchens worldwide. Canada is happy to enjoy the largest collection of maple trees in the world. This is why their flag incorporates the symbol of this beloved tree.



Also known as the Emerald Isle for its lush green grasslands. Ireland is home to dramatic cliff faces and rolling hills. Among these, you will find quaint towns made from stone, with pubs, farms and some of the friendliest faces you will ever see.

Irish people are known for being welcoming and jovial. It isn’t uncommon to hear stories of Irish people helping backpackers find their way, offering rides and directions. This sense of community makes it a popular place to visit. You never feel far away from home, and you never stay lost.

The Cliffs of Moher run about 14 kilometres long and are one of this island’s most beautiful sights. They are a collection of Sea Cliffs and have served as a filming location by many studios.

One of the most popular exports from Dublin is Guinness. This beer is known for its dark colour and strong, bitter taste. A tour of the factory in Dublin is one of the most popular attractions on the entire island. Food and drink are an excellent way to explore English culture.

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The United States

The US has something for everyone. It has impressive cityscapes, deserts, forests, mountains, wetlands, and countless beaches. It is this diversity that sets it apart from our other English cultures. Since it is so large and mostly habitable, it’s challenging to limit it to a single cultural exchange. Americans are largely unified by their sense of national pride and diversity.

Because this country is so large and spread apart, different states offer different attractions. California is known for its world-class wines, New York is known for its metropolitan melting pot, Florida is known for its amusement parks, and Texas is known for its farmlands. Each state is famous for something unique from its neighbours!

A massive export from the US that the entire world enjoys is its pop culture. Movies, Television, Music, and Art are all explored with great enthusiasm. American music can be heard on opposite sides of the globe for its accessible, catchy tunes.

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Embrace English Culture Today!

All of these countries offer their unique contributions to English culture. So don’t wait, start your English language training today and expand your knowledge of these Inner Circle countries. A wider knowledge of these places will give you the essential building blocks for learning this global language! 

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