8 ways to improve your English by reading what you love with an AI Tutor!

LillyPad English App is now available on Google Play!

For English learners of all ages striving to improve their English, LillyPad combines the most scientifically studied and recommended path to achieving English fluency and proficiency with today’s most brilliant technologies!

LillyPad is the world’s first application to allow English learners the opportunity to read in four interactive ways while relying on Lilly (an AI) to inform them when they mispronounce words, Lilly also tracks problematic words, fluency, and speed.

English Students can correct themselves as well as look up the meaning, listen to, or translate any word into their native language.

Lilly essentially acts as a personal tutor who helps English students master their English skills through a combination of reading, listening, and conversational exercises.

LillyPad also incorporates word games, goal-setting capabilities, essential tracking & reporting, and anywhere-anytime convenience.


1. Read to Lilly:

This mode offers English students the opportunity to read aloud as Lilly follows behind, tracking proper pronunciation, word accuracy, and improvements in the learner’s fluency and speed. Reading aloud improves memory retention, fluency, expression, and speed. Recent research also suggests that reading aloud has cognitive benefits – even for experienced English readers.

2. Read with Lilly:

In this reading mode, Lilly reads one sentence – and then the English students are to read the next. Aside from the benefits of reading aloud, reading with Lilly supports the student’s overall literacy progress, and builds upon capability, knowledge, and confidence.

3. Repeat Read:

Repeated reading improves reading ability across the board! With this reading mode, Lilly reads a sentence and will ask the English student to repeat it. This exercise provides students the opportunity to mimic the fluency attributes and enunciation. Studies suggest that repeated reading leads to better reading performance including fluency, speed, and confidence. The biggest payoffs tend to be word reading. It also improves reading comprehension (the most frequently reported area of improvement).

4. Padcast:

The “Padcast” technology turns “All” of the reading material within the student’s personal Library into a tracked audiobook. This innovative “Padcast” tracking technology allows students to watch and listen to Lilly – pronouncing the words as they are highlighted. This exercise supports the student’s literacy-building capability, knowledge, fluency, pronunciation, and enunciation.

Lilly’s Library!

Lilly’s dynamic sourcing tools, and the catch-all personal Library, offer English students the opportunity to enjoy the entire LillyPad experience with just about any material they can get their mouse on. This includes digital books (free & purchased), web articles, news, blogs, PDF & word documents, TedTalks, Friend’s episodes, and more!

The Learning Pads:

LillyPad incorporates four powerful Learning Pads which are all guided by Lilly. Any problematic words (opportunity words) are collected in each session. The unique ability to collect, track, and deliver each member’s personal “opportunity words” enhances the individual’s opportunity to progress. The Learning Pads include Lilly’s Gold, Spelling, Pronunciation, Vocabulary, and awesome word games!

Lilly’s Gold!

Lilly puts the power of the pen in the student’s hands! Lilly’s Gold is powerful, innovative, and it’s personal! Lilly empowers members to design, write, speak, practice, and retain the phrases or words they want to use in their daily life. Lilly’s Gold incorporates spaced repetition, deliberate practice, and bi-directional translation training.


For people with purpose, passion, and perseverance!


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Bethany MacDonald

Bethany MacDonald

Bethany MacDonald has contributed articles LillyPad.ai since 2020. As their Blog Lead, she specialises in informative pieces on culture, education, and language learning

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