9 Important Idioms For Bad Day

Idioms for Bad Day

English Idioms for Bad Day, expressions, and proverbs are an essential part of the English language, both spoken and written English are saturated with them.

For English Language Students idioms are frustrating to figure out, the reason being Idioms don’t make objective sense.

To learn the meanings and usage of idioms for Bad Day, English students must practice and familiarize themselves with their everyday usage.

The team at Lillypad understands the pain and difficulties English Learners come across in comprehending the true meaning and proper usage. This idioms list of Bad Day makes learning trouble-free, with common Bad Day idioms, definitions, and example sentences which make the meaning clear.

Learning to use common idioms and expressions will make your English sound more native, so it’s a good idea to master some of these expressions with daily practice, so bookmark this page or share it with your friends; now let us learn about idioms for Bad Day together.

Idioms for Bad Day with Meanings, Definitions & Example Sentences

1. In Dire Straits

Definition and Meaning: In Dire Straits

The expression “in dire straits” means to be in a serious, difficult, or bad situation.

In Dire Straits Example Sentences:

  • The company is in dire straits so you should resign.
  • Victoria’s production company saved us from dire straits last year.
  • I was in dire straits for a while, but then I finally turned my life around.
  • We’ll be in dire straits soon if the boss doesn’t stop gambling.
  • They’re in dire straights, so this is the best time to talk about a merger.

2. Complete Disaster

Definition and Meaning: Complete Disaster

The expression “complete disaster” is used to describe a situation that is very bad and has gone wrong.

Complete Disaster Example Sentences:

  • I just spilled coffee all over my laptop – this is a complete disaster!
  • I just found out I failed my final exam – this is a complete disaster!
  • My car just broke down in the middle of nowhere – this is a complete disaster!
  • I just lost my wallet with all my money in it – this is a complete disaster!
  • I just got fired from my job – this is a complete disaster!

3. On Its Last Legs

Definition and Meaning: On Its Last Legs

The expression “on its last legs” means that something is near the end of its usefulness.

On Its Last Legs Example Sentences:

  • I think the battery on this thing is on its last legs, so best to have it replaced.
  • Your car is on its last legs. Have you thought about an overhaul?
  • The campaign is on its last legs but the candidate didn’t give up until the end.
  • I refuse to believe that the project is on its last legs. Get everyone on it.
  • The industry was on its last legs so many resigned to look for something more stable.

4. All Downhill

Definition and Meaning: All Downhill

The expression “all downhill” means that everything from that point on got worse.

All Downhill Example Sentences:

  • After the team won the championship, it was all downhill from there.
  • After the company’s stock plummeted, it was all downhill from there.
  • After the couple’s divorce, their relationship was all downhill from there.
  • After the student failed the exam, his grades were all downhill from there.
  • After the athlete suffered an injury, his performance was all downhill from there.

5. Lose One’s Faith (In Something)

Definition and Meaning: Lose One’s Faith (In Something)

The expression “lose one’s faith (in something)” means to stop believing or trusting something.

Lose One’s Faith (In Something) Example Sentences:

  • Why did she lose his faith in organized religion?
  • The family lost faith when the father died in the mines.
  • Losing your faith is easy as pie. Try to keep it during this time.
  • Dana lost her faith in the justice system after the judgment.
  • How many people have lost their faith in the church this year alone?

6. Lose Face

Definition and Meaning: Lose Face

The expression “lose face” means to be humiliated or to lose other people’s respect.

Lose Face Example Sentences:

  • Hilda lost face in front of her in-laws last suffer.
  • To lose face is my father’s greatest fear.
  • What kind of crazy culture would prefer death over losing face?
  • Jim’s been hiding since he lost face during the scandal.
  • If the public learns that you accepted bribes, you’ll lose face and more.

7. Feeling Blue

Definition and Meaning: Feeling Blue

The phrase “feeling blue” is a common idiom in English that is used to describe feeling sad or depressed.

Feeling Blue Example Sentences:

  • After her breakup, she was feeling blue and didn’t want to leave her house.
  • I’m feeling blue today, so I’m going to stay in and watch a movie.
  • He was feeling blue after his team lost the championship game.
  • She was feeling blue after her best friend moved away.
  • I’m feeling blue today, so I’m going to take a long walk to clear my head.

8. Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Definition and Meaning: Between A Rock And A Hard Place

The expression means to be stuck in two equally difficult and unfavorable choices that would make things worse no matter which one is chosen.

Between A Rock And A Hard Place Example Sentences:

  • Get yelled at by mom or get yelled at by dad. I’m between a rock and a hard place.
  • You’ll have more money but miss Jen’s graduation. Or you’ll be at the most important event of her life but won’t be able to afford the present you planned for her. You’re between a rock and a hard place, buddy.
  • If I stayed, I wouldn’t know if I loved you only because of the spell. But if I left, I’d always wonder if it was real. Magic is between a rock and a hard place.
  • Being a boss is like getting caught between a rock and a hard place. If you’re strict, they’ll talk behind your back. If you’re lenient, they’ll abuse it.

9. Out Of The Pan And Into The Fire

Definition and Meaning: Out Of The Pan And Into The Fire

The expression means that if something bad is going to get worse.

Out Of The Pan And Into The Fire Example Sentences:

  • I know you’re upset about the accident, but getting angry and yelling isn’t going to help. Out of the pan and into the fire.
  • Dom is frustrated with the project, but it’s like jumping out of the pan and into the fire if he takes it out on your team members.
  • Sheila is disappointed with the results, but getting into a fight with her colleagues is an “out of the pan and into the fire” type of situation.
  • It’s an “out of the pan and into the fire” kind of day. The shipment was delayed and the customer wouldn’t stop blaming me.

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