9 Useful Idioms For Lovers

Idioms for Lovers

English Idioms for Lovers, expressions and proverbs are an important part of the English language, both spoken and written English are filled with them.

For English Learners idioms for Lovers are hard to make head or tail of, the reason being Idioms don’t make literal sense.

To learn the meanings and usage of idioms, students learning English must practice and familiarize themselves with their everyday usage.

The team at Lillypad understands the pain and difficulties English Learners run into comprehending the true meaning and appropriate usage. This idioms list of Lovers makes learning simple, with common Lovers idioms, definitions, and example sentences which make the meaning clear.

Learning to use common idioms and expressions will make your English sound more native, so it’s a good idea to master some of these expressions with daily practice, so bookmark this page or share it with your friends; now let us learn about idioms for Lovers together.


Idioms for Lovers with Meanings, Definitions & Example Sentences


1. Love Is Blind

Definition and Meaning: Love Is Blind

The expression “love is blind” means that love does not see the faults of others. It also means that sometimes, it cannot be controlled by reason or logic, but only by emotion.

Love Is Blind Example Sentences:

  • My friend was so in love with her boyfriend that she couldn’t see his flaws – love is blind!
  • My parents have been married for over 30 years, even though they don’t always get along – love is blind!
  • My neighbor was so in love with her partner that she didn’t realize he was a liar – love is blind!
  • Jen and John are complete opposites. But love is blind.
  • No one is perfect and love is blind.

2. Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing

Definition and Meaning: Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing

The expression “love is a many-splendored thing” means that love is a beautiful and wonderful thing.

Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing Thing Example Sentences:

  • I never knew how wonderful love could be until I met you, and now I know that love is a many-splendored thing.
  • The way you make me feel is like a million stars in the night sky, reminding me that love is a many-splendored thing.
  • Love is a many-splendored thing, and I’m so glad I found it with you.
  • This love is a many-splendored thing, and I never want it to end.
  • Our love is a many-splendored thing, and I’m so grateful for it.

3. Love Conquers All

Definition and Meaning: Love Conquers All

The expression “love conquers all” means that love is stronger than anything else and can overcome any obstacle.

Love Conquers All Example Sentences:

  • No matter how difficult the situation may be, remember that love conquers all.
  • My parents have been married for over 50 years, proving that love conquers all.
  • No matter how much distance may separate us, I know that love conquers all.
  • It’s okay if we have hard times together because love conquers all.
  • We will face life’s challenges together. Love conquers all.

4. Love Makes The World Go Round

Definition and Meaning: Love Makes The World Go Round

The expression “love makes the world go round” means that love is the most important thing in the world and that it is the thing that keeps the world going.

Love Makes The World Go Round Example Sentences:

  • Despite all our struggles, love is what makes the world go round.
  • You might not see it but love makes the world go round.
  • She keeps me going even on my hardest days. I love her and love makes the world go round.

5. Falling Head Over Heels

Definition and Meaning: Falling Head Over Heels

When someone is “falling head over heels,” they have a strong, passionate connection with their partner. It also refers to falling so quickly and deeply in love with something or someone that you might lose yourself completely.

Falling Head Over Heels Example Sentences:

  • It was love at first sight and I fell head over heels with her.
  • There’s something about him that made me fall head over heels.
  • I think I’m falling head over heels over someone who might not like me.
  • You’re already falling head over heels with the person you’re dating.

6. A Match Made In Heaven

Definition and Meaning: A Match Made In Heaven

The expression “a match made in heaven” means a perfect or ideal match. The phrase is often used to describe the relationship between two people who are so well suited for each other that they seem like an obvious choice for marriage.

A Match Made In Heaven Need Example Sentences:

  • He’s a doctor and she’s an accountant. They are a match made in heaven.
  • They complement each other so well like a match made in heaven.
  • Cupid got it right this time. Anne and Carl are a match made in heaven.
  • I believe that we are a match a match made in heaven.

7. Apple Of My Eyes

Definition and Meaning: Apple Of My Eyes

The idiom “apple of my eyes” describes someone who is the most important person in your life. It can also refer to a person who is one’s favorite or love interest.

Apple Of My Eyes Example Sentences:

  • Rose is the apple of my eyes. She inspires me to be a better person.
  • I don’t want anyone else to have her as their apple of their eyes.
  • She is the apple of my eyes. I would do anything for her.
  • You have been the apple of my eyes since we were kids.

8. Love Is A Journey

Definition and Meaning: Love Is A Journey

The expression “love is a journey” means that love is not a destination, but a process.

Love Is A Journey Example Sentences:

  • My relationship with my partner has been a long and winding road, but I wouldn’t change a thing – love is a journey, after all.
  • I’m so grateful for all the ups and downs I’ve experienced in my life – it’s taught me that love is a journey, not a destination.
  • My parents have been married for over 50 years, and they still act like newlyweds – it’s a reminder that love is a journey, not a destination.
  • I’m so thankful for all the lessons I’ve learned in my relationships – it’s taught me that love is a journey, not a race.
  • My relationship with my best friend has been a roller coaster ride, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything – love is a journey.

9. Thorns And All

Definition and Meaning: Thorns And All

The expression “thorns and all” is used to describe someone or something that is not perfect, but is still loved or appreciated.

Thorns And All Example Sentences:

  • I’m going to accept my partner thorns and all, even though we have our differences.
  • I’m going to love my family thorns and all, even though we don’t always get along.
  • I love my partner, thorns and all.
  • We all have our imperfections. And I’m going to love you thorns and all.
  • He tends to be forgetful but she still loves him, thorns and all.

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