10 Best Idioms For Mom

Idioms for Mom
English Idioms for Mom, expressions, and proverbs are an essential part of the English language, both spoken and written English are filled with them.

For English Learners idioms for Mom are hard to make sense of, the reason being Idioms don’t make objective sense.

To learn the meanings and usage of idioms, language learners must practice and familiarize themselves with their everyday usage.

The team at Lillypad understands the pain and difficulties English Learners encounter comprehending the true meaning and proper usage. This list of idioms for Mom makes learning easygoing, with common Mom idioms, definitions, and example sentences that make the meaning clear.

Learning to use common idioms and expressions will make your English sound more native, so it’s a good idea to master some of these expressions with daily practice, so bookmark this page or share it with your friends; now let us learn about idioms for Mom together.

Idioms for Mom with Meanings, Definitions & Example Sentences

1. Experience Is The Mother Of Wisdom

Definition and Meaning: Experience Is The Mother Of Wisdom

This expression means that people learn to be wise by learning from things that happen to them.

Experience Is The Mother Of Wisdom Example Sentences:

  • Gina was hurt badly in her previous relationship. However, she learned a lot from it, too. Experience is indeed the mother of all invention, as she had made wiser decisions in her relationship now.

2. The Mother Of All (Something)

Definition and Meaning: The Mother Of All (Something)

The expression “The Mother Of All (Something)” means the most remarkable, greatest example or specimen of something.

The Mother Of All (Something) Example Sentences:

  • This is the mother of all card games. This is the oldest game I’ve ever played.
  • Last month the region saw the mother of all forest fires. It was awful!
  • I am the mother of all team leads on this floor. If you have a problem, you come to me.
  • That’s like the mother of all floods. It’s a miracle they didn’t lose the house!
  • “This is the mother of all IDs,” said Ritchelle, showing her passport.

3. Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

Definition and Meaning: Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

The expression refers to circumstances where a problem or necessity becomes the reason that a creative solution is created.

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention Example Sentences:

  • Police are still looking for the criminal who tied blankets together to make his escape. Necessity is the mother of invention, isn’t it?
  • Necessity is the mother of invention. You can easily see this in the foundation of Team B’s hut. Very basic and rough, but sturdy.
  • My 3-year-old daughter stacked her plushies to make a way out of her crib. Necessity is the mother of invention, indeed.
  • The prisoner showed that necessity is the mother of invention when she used dry soap and a rusty nail to write letters.

4. At (Someone’s) Mother’s Knee

Definition and Meaning: At (Someone’s) Mother’s Knee

This expression said describes something that was learned at home or when someone was a child.

At (Someone’s) Mother’s Knee Example Sentences:

  • She learned cooking at her mother’s knee.
  • People typically learn home remedies are usually at their mother’s knee.
  • Most people learn proper hygiene at their mother’s knee.
  • Seriously, he doesn’t know? It’s something you learn at your mother’s knee, right?

5. Like Mother, Like Daughter

Definition and Meaning: Like Mother, Like Daughter

The expression “like mother, like daughter” is a variation of “like father, like son” or any other similar configuration. It refers to the fact that the child resembles their parents’ appearance or takes after their personality or behavior.

Like Mother, Like Daughter Example Sentences:

  • Like mother, like daughter. Naomi dances like an angel, just like Annika.
  • Lou plays the piano as beautifully as her mother, Jess. Like mother, like daughter, definitely.
  • They arrived wearing the same outfit. I guess they take the saying ‘like mother, like daughter’ seriously.

6. Mother Tongue

Definition and Meaning: Mother Tongue

The phrase “mother tongue” means a person’s native language or the first language learned by a child.

Mother Tongue Example Sentences:

  • I envy Se Jong. His mother tongue is Korean, lived in Japan and learned English in school. He’s multilingual and multicultural.
  • He’s so funny. He told me, “Pain. Pain is my mother tongue. I didn’t learn to speak Peace until I was 17.”
  • English isn’t my mother tongue, but many people seem to think it is.
  • I had no idea Vietnamese isn’t Kai’s mother tongue. That’s why he understood Khanh’s backhanded insults.
  • Chinese is my mother tongue, but my family moved to the Philippines when I was 4. It’s difficult for me to speak Chinese now.

7. Expectant Mother

Definition and Meaning: Expectant Mother

The expression refers to a pregnant woman.

Expectant Mother Example Sentences:

  • As an expectant mother, Henrietta bought all the bestselling books on being one and joined a popular online website where pregnant women like her from all over the world would communicate to support each other and share their individual journeys.

8. Tied To (Someone’s) Mother’s Apron Strings

Definition and Meaning: Tied To (Someone’s) Mother’s Apron Strings

The expression describes an adult man who is dependent on his mother and can’t make decisions or act without her approval or opinion.

Tied To (Someone’s) Mother’s Apron Strings Example Sentences:

  • Oh, Krista. Not another man tied to his mother’s apron strings. I don’t get you.
  • Liam is tied to his mother’s apron strings. That’s a big red flag right there!
  • They say Bob is tied to my mother’s apron strings, but he just respects her so much.
  • I’ve never believed anyone can be tied to their mother’s apron strings at 40 until I met him.
  • There’s a big difference between being close to your mother and being tied to her apron strings.

9. A Mother Hen

Definition and Meaning: A Mother Hen

The expression means a woman who’s very protective of her loved ones and very caring about them just like a mother.

A Mother Hen Example Sentences:

  • Valerie is the mother hen of our little gang. She takes no bull from anyone.
  • The village mother hen is an 80-year-old woman who carries the history of the tribe in memory.
  • Katya has always been the mother hen of their group, so they naturally come to her first when they have problems.

10. Keep Mum

Definition and Meaning: Keep Mum

The expression “keep mum” means to keep something a secret or to stop talking about something.

Keep Mum Example Sentences:

  • Please keep mum about religion when Jake is around. It’s a sore subject for him.
  • Everyone needs to keep mum about the farewell surprise when Jen arrives.
  • Are you sure you can keep mum about this? It’s pretty sensitive information.
  • Keep mum about news regarding lay-offs until we have confirmed the facts.
  • He’s not sure how they can keep mum about the news. It’s on TV.

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