8 Common Idioms For New Experience

Idioms for New Experience

English Idioms for New Experience, expressions and proverbs are an essential part of the English language, both spoken and written English are filled with them.

For English Learners idioms are hard to grasp, the reason being Idioms don’t make objective sense.

To learn the meanings and usage of idioms for New Experience, learners must practice and familiarize themselves with their everyday usage.

The team at Lillypad understands the pain and difficulties English Learners bump into comprehending the true meaning and right usage. This list of idioms for New Experience makes learning trouble – free, with common New Experience idioms, definitions, and example sentences which make the meaning clear.

Learning to use common idioms and expressions will make your English sound more native, so it’s a good idea to master some of these expressions with daily practice, so bookmark this page or share it with your friends; now let us learn about idioms for New Experience together.


Idioms for New Experience with Meanings, Definitions & Example Sentences


1. Break New Ground

Definition and Meaning: Break New Ground

The expression “break new ground” means to do something advanced that has never been done before. It is used when you want to emphasize that what you are doing is very important, unusual, or different from other things.

Break New Ground Example Sentences:

  • Let’s break new ground by starting a new business.
  • I’m going to break new ground by writing my first book.
  • Artificial intelligence will break new ground in computer science.
  • We’re breaking new ground with our new website design.
  • She broke new ground by becoming the first woman president of the company.

2. In Uncharted Territory

Definition and Meaning: In Uncharted Territory

The expression “in uncharted territory” is a metaphor used to describe any situation where a person is in an area of the unknown, or something is new. It also means leaving one’s comfort zone.

In Uncharted Territory Example Sentences:

  • I’m in uncharted territory as I’m trying to figure out how to use this new software.
  • I’m in uncharted territory as I’m trying to learn a new language.
  • I used to work in tech, now, I’m in sales – it feels like I’m in an uncharted territory.
  • He flew to England, went in an uncharted territory, to grow his career as an artist.
  • Life is too short to stay in your comfort zone. Let’s be in uncharted territory.

3. When One Door Closes, Another Opens

Definition and Meaning: When One Door Closes, Another Opens

This idiomatic expression describes a situation in which something good comes out of an unfortunate event. It shows there are new opportunities after failing at or losing something.

When One Door Closes, Another Opens Example Sentences:

  • He didn’t buy my artwork but another well-known person did. It’s true that when one door closes, another opens.
  • Don’t lose hope and keep trying because when one door closes, another opens.
  • The best thing about a rejection is knowing that when one door closes, another opens.
  • He auditioned but got rejected. However, he’s optimistic because when one door closes, another opens.

4. Fish Out Of Water

Definition and Meaning: Fish Out Of Water

The expression “fish out of water” is used to describe a person who is in an unfamiliar situation.

Fish Out Of Water Example Sentences:

  • After moving to a new city, I felt like a fish out of water as I didn’t know anyone and had no idea where to go.
  • When my brother started his new job, he was a fish out of water as he had no experience in the field.
  • When I went to the party, I felt like a fish out of water as I didn’t know anyone there.
  • He’s a fish out of water when it comes to fashion.
  • She’s a fish out of water when it comes to sports.

5. Kick The Habit

Definition and Meaning: Kick The Habit

The expression “kick the habit” means to stop doing something that is bad for you, such as smoking or drinking. It can also mean to do something good for yourself, like exercising regularly or eating healthily.

Kick The Habit Example Sentences:

  • As the new year starts, let’s kick the habit of doubting ourselves.
  • Why don’t you kick the habit of spending beyond your means?
  • I’m going to kick the habit of watching TV all day long.
  • You will have a new experience if you kick the habit of staying in your comfort zone.
  • Let’s kick the habit of avoiding difficult conversations.

6. Winds Of Change

Definition and Meaning: I’m In Way Over My Head

When we say “winds of change”, we mean a period of times when something starts happening and causes important things to occur.

I’m In Way Over My Head Example Sentences:

  • There’s a wind of change on how Gen Z addresses societal problems.
  • That belief is not applicable in modern times. Winds of change have developed our world.
  • The winds of change have blown away all the old ways of thinking.
  • The winds of changes have changed the way people think about life.

7. Out Of My Depth

Definition and Meaning: Out Of My Depth

The expression “out of my depth” means that someone is not qualified or experienced enough to do something.

Out Of My Depth Example Sentences:

  • I’m out of my depth when it comes to understanding quantum physics.
  • He is out of his depth when it comes to fixing cars.
  • I will continue learning how to play a guitar even when it’s out of my depth.
  • Try something new so it won’t be out of your depth.
  • She was out of her depth with the language she had been taught in school.

8. Out Of One’s Element

Definition and Meaning: Out Of One’s Element

The expression “out of one’s element” means that someone is in an unfamiliar situation.

Out Of One’s Element Example Sentences:

  • I’m out of my element when it comes to understanding the stock market.
  • He’s out of his element in the business conference.
  • She was out of her element at the party.
  • You’re out of your element if you don’t know what to do next.
  • It’s not easy being out of one’s element.

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