10 Common Idioms For Too Much Work

Idioms for Too Much Work

English Idioms for Too Much Work, expressions and proverbs are an important part of the English language, both spoken and written English are saturated with them.

For English Learners idioms for Too Much Work are hard to comprehend, the reason being Idioms don’t make objective sense.

To learn the meanings and usage of idioms, students studying English must practice and familiarize themselves with their everyday usage.

The team at Lillypad understands the pain and difficulties English Learners bump into comprehending the true meaning and proper usage. This list of idioms for Too Much Work makes learning straightforward, with common Too Much Work idioms, definitions, and example sentences which make the meaning clear.

Learning to use common idioms and expressions will make your English sound more native, so it’s a good idea to master some of these expressions with daily practice, so bookmark this page or share it with your friends; now let us learn about idioms for Too Much Work together.


Idioms for Too Much Work with Meanings, Definitions & Example Sentences


1. Snowed Under

Definition and Meaning: Snowed Under

This expression means that someone is overwhelmed by a situation, problem, or work and cannot cope with it.

Snowed Under Example Sentences:

  • I was snowed under with work when my boss called me into his office.
  • The new manager was snowed under by the demands of her job.
  • He had been snowed under for weeks by the problems at home.
  • She must finish her research, attend a seminar, and create a report. She feels snowed under by all these tasks.

2. I’ve Got My Hands Full

Definition and Meaning: I’ve Got My Hands Full!

The expression “I’ve got my hands full” means that the person has a lot to do and is very busy.

I’ve Got My Hands Full! Example Sentences:

  • I’ve got my hands full trying to finish this project before the deadline.
  • I’ve got my hands full with all the extra work my boss has given me.
  • I’ve got my hands full taking care of my three kids.
  • I’ve got my hands full trying to juggle all my classes and a part-time job this semester.
  • I’ve got my hands full trying to keep up with all the housework.

3. Up To One’s Ears

Definition and Meaning: Up To One’s Ears

The idiom “up to one’s ears” means that someone is completely occupied with a task or is very busy.

Up To One’s Ears Example Sentences:

  • He’s up to his ears trying to finish the quarterly reports of three departments.
  • She’s up to her ears studying the new curriculum for next year.
  • I’m up to my ears at work that I almost forgot to eat lunch.
  • We need a break after being up to our ears in this project all week.

4. Got A Lot On One’s Plate

Definition and Meaning: Got A Lot On One’s Plate

The expression “got a lot on one’s plate” means that the person has a lot of things to do.

Got A Lot On One’s Plate Example Sentences:

  • I’ve got a lot on my plate! I have to finish my project for work, pick up the kids from school, and make dinner for the family.
  • Today, he will finish a report for work, attend a meeting, and take his car in for an oil change. He’s got a lot on his plate.
  • We got a lot on our plate during the peak season of camping.
  • They got a lot on their plate preparing for the big party.
  • She has got a lot on her plate as she is trying to get ready for the wedding.

5. I’m Up To My Neck In Work

Definition and Meaning: I’m Up To My Neck In Work

This expression means that the person is very busy and has a lot of work to do.

I’m Up To My Neck In Work Example Sentences:

  • I’m up to my neck in work! I have to finish this project by tomorrow.
  • I’m up to my neck in work! I have to finish this report before the end of the day.
  • I’m up to my neck in work! I have to finish this presentation before the meeting starts.
  • I’m up to my neck in work! I have to finish this essay before the deadline.
  • I’m up to my neck in work! I have to finish this spreadsheet before the end of the week.

6. Swamped

Definition and Meaning: Swamped

The expression “swamped” means overwhelmed or filled beyond capacity.

Swamped Example Sentences:

  • I’m swamped with work this week and don’t have time to take on any extra projects.
  • The store was swamped with customers on Black Friday.
  • I’m swamped with emails and can’t seem to keep up.
  • The teacher was swamped with grading all the exams.
  • The restaurant was swamped with orders and had to hire extra staff.

7. Work Like A Dog

Definition and Meaning: Work Like A Dog

The expression “work like a dog” means to work with great effort or concentration.

Work Like A Dog Example Sentences:

  • I’m working like a dog to get this project finished on time.
  • He’s always working like a dog, even on weekends.
  • She will be working like a dog to finish the backlogs.
  • We have a lot to do, so we will work like a dog until it is done.

8. Bogged Down

Definition and Meaning: Bogged Down

The expression “bogged down” means to get into a situation where it is hard to move forward because of too many problems, complications, or difficulties.

Bogged Down Example Sentences:

  • I was bogged down with work when my boss called me on the phone.
  • The police were bogged down trying to find the car thief.
  • He’s been bogged down for days trying to figure out how to pay his bills.
  • They have become bogged down in their research.
  • They have become bogged down in their research.

9. Busy As A Bee

Definition and Meaning: Busy As A Bee

This means that someone is doing a lot of things at the same time.

Busy As A Bee Example Sentences:

  • He was so busy he didn’t even notice me leave.
  • She’s too busy as a bee trying to find out what happened.
  • I’m busy as a bee in the office, but I can still help you if you need it.
  • The kitchen staff is busy as a bee preparing for the party.

10. Tied Up With Work

Definition and Meaning: Tied Up With Work

The expression “tied up with work” means that you are so busy doing your job or working on a project that you have no time for anything else.

Tied Up With Work Example Sentences:

  • He was tied up with work all day that he forgot about calling his wife.
  • She had been tied up with work all morning and didn’t even notice the rain until it started pouring down
  • I’m tied up with work right now. Can we reschedule the meeting?

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