10 Common Idioms For Weird

Idioms for Weird

English Idioms for Weird, expressions, and proverbs are an important part of the English language, both spoken and written English are saturated with them.

For ESL Students idioms are confusing to interpret, the reason being Idioms don’t make literal sense.

To learn the meanings and usage of idioms for Weird, ELL students must study and familiarize themselves with their everyday usage.

The team at Lillypad understands the pain and difficulties English Learners run into comprehending the true meaning and fitting usage. This list of idioms for Weird makes learning trouble-free, with common Weird idioms, definitions, and example sentences that make the meaning clear.

Learning to use common idioms and expressions will make your English sound more native, so it’s a good idea to master some of these expressions with daily practice, so bookmark this page or share it with your friends; now let us learn about idioms for Weird together.

Idioms for Weird with Meanings, Definitions & Example Sentences

1. The Elephant In The Room

Definition and Meaning: The Elephant In The Room

The expression “the elephant in the room” is used to describe a problem that everyone knows but refuses to discuss.

The Elephant In The Room Example Sentences:

  • The vibe is strange in there because of the elephant in the room.
  • The elephant in the room is that he broke up with her first.
  • Does anyone know the elephant in the room? It’s weird.
  • I want to break the awkwardness but can’t due to the elephant in the room.
  • What’s this elephant in the room that everyone else seems to know except me?

2. Get/Wrap (One’s) Head Around (Something)

Definition and Meaning: Get/Wrap (One’s) Head Around (Something)

The expression “get/wrap (one’s) head around (something)” means to understand something.

Get/Wrap (One’s) Head Around (Something) Example Sentences:

  • It’s hard to get my wrap around what he did.
  • Can you wrap your head around how the contraption works?
  • Let’s work together and get our heads around this new development.
  • It’s often hard to get our heads around his cryptic statements.
  • Believe me, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around his motivations

3. By The Skin Of Your Teeth

Definition and Meaning: By The Skin Of Your Teeth

The expression “by the skin of your teeth” means to be almost unable to do something.

By The Skin Of Your Teeth Example Sentences:

  • I got to the airport by the skin of my teeth.
  • She was able to catch him by the skin of her teeth.

4. Hit The Nail On The Head

Definition and Meaning: Hit The Nail On The Head

The expression “hit the nail on the head” means to be absolutely correct about something.

Hit The Nail On The Head Example Sentences:

  • You really hit the nail on the head with the last ingredient.
  • Yes, Minerva is mad, you’ve hit the nail on the head with that observation.
  • I rarely hit the nail on the head but this one wasn’t difficult.
  • Dina hit the nail on the head when she said Luna was jealous.
  • It wouldn’t be this serious if you didn’t hit the nail on the head.

5. Once In A Blue Moon

Definition and Meaning: Once In A Blue Moon

The expression “once in a blue moon” means something that is very rare or happens very rarely.

Once In A Blue Moon Example Sentences:

  • She visits her mother once in a blue moon.
  • Once in a blue moon, Max shares something personal.
  • I only get to travel once in a blue moon, so I enjoy it a lot when I do.

6. Cut (Someone) Some Slack

Definition and Meaning: Cut (Someone) Some Slack

The expression “cut (someone) some slack” means to treat someone less strictly and avoid judging them too much.

Cut (Someone) Some Slack Example Sentences:

  • Cut Edwin some slack – he’s been working around the clock.
  • I wish they’d cut me some slack at the office.
  • He’s been depressed since his pet dog died, so cut him some slack.
  • It’s not in Celeste’s nature to cut any of her employees some slack.
  • Cut them some slack, business has been difficult.

7. Cost An Arm and A Leg

Definition and Meaning: Cost An Arm and A Leg

The expression “cost an arm and a leg” means very expensive.

Cost An Arm and A Leg Example Sentences:

  • This jacket must’ve cost an arm and a leg.
  • It cost an arm and a leg for him to study at the institute.
  • That’s ridiculous! The house cost an arm and a leg.
  • The therapy cost an arm and a leg, and it’s been a struggle.
  • It must’ve cost an arm and a leg for them to come on this trip.

8. Take (Something) With A Pinch Of Salt

Definition and Meaning: Take (Something) With A Pinch Of Salt

The expression “take it with a pinch of salt” means not believing in something easily.

Take (Something) With A Pinch Of Salt Example Sentences:

  • He’s known to lie so take what he said with a pinch of salt.
  • Take what they say with a pinch of salt. You can’t be too trusting.
  • I don’t hate you, but I’ll take your words with a pinch of salt.
  • Sam took Lily’s confession with a pinch of salt.
  • Her testimony is dubious, so take it with a pinch of salt.

9. Get Out Of Hand

Definition and Meaning: Get Out Of Hand

The expression “that’s not right” is used to describe things that escalated into something that can’t be controlled.

Get Out Of Hand Example Sentences:

  • We didn’t mean for her to get hurt. Things just got out of hand.
  • If things get out of hand, you’ll get in so much trouble.
  • Thanks for being there whenever things get out of hand.
  • There’s no need for things to get out of hand.
  • His team will help, in case things get out of hand.

10. Stick To (One’s) Guns

Definition and Meaning: Stick To (One’s) Guns

The expression “stick to (one’s) guns” means to refuse to change your action or belief.

Stick To (One’s) Guns Example Sentences:

  • I’ve always admired how you stick to your guns.
  • For him to stick to his guns shows how courageous he is.
  • I’ll think about it, but I’ll stick to my guns for now.
  • She’s never stuck to her own guns. She’s a coward.
  • Stick to your guns, whatever happens. You’re doing the right thing.

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