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An Introduction to The Learning Pads of LillyPad


Learning English can be a daunting task. It can be hard to prioritize the most important learning methods. Do you need to brush up on your Spelling? Is your pronunciation strong enough? What is the most effective English app? These are all questions that first time English learners will be asking themselves.

Studies have shown that learning languages takes a lot of multitasking. The process of learning needs to be segmented into manageable tasks for the student. In this blog, we are going to introduce you to the 4 main learning modules of our English app. If you have a firm grasp of these modules, you will have the building blocks for better learning!

The 4 learning modules you will need to succeed are as follows:
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation
  • Memory Practice

The Learning Pads Unpacked

At LillyPad, our Learning Pads are an easy and effective collection of learning modules. These Pads are made to be hopped from one to the other in a session ranging anywhere from 15 minutes to 2+ hours! The time you put into them will determine what you get out of them. Research suggests that practising your language for at least an hour a day will give you the highest bang for your buck. This is because your long term memory needs time to “warm-up”, and giving it only 15 minutes of activity means it never gets to operate at full capacity.

LillyPad incorporates four powerful Learning Pads which are all guided by Lilly. All problematic words or what we like to refer to as “opportunity words” which are experienced during a member’s reading session are collected, tracked, and delivered for practice across the Learning Pads via our spaced repetition algorithm. The unique ability to collect, track, and deliver each member’s personal “opportunity words” significantly enhances the individual’s opportunity to progress. The Learning Pads include Lilly’s Gold, Spelling, Pronunciation, and Vocabulary.


While seeking out your own vocabulary is inevitable in language learning, having a predetermined selection is even more helpful. That’s what makes this English app so useful. Having specific words relevant to different scenarios is essential to learn this language. Do you know the correct words to order a cup of tea? Do you know how to speak to an English doctor? What happens if you get lost and need directions?


One of the most common errors made even by fluent English speakers. Spelling is something you will continuously have to perfect over your language learning journey. Of course, nobody is perfect, and a simple spelling error isn’t going to make or break who understands you. But a simple sentence loaded with spelling errors in every word might. Always take time to test your spelling so you can slim your chances of slipping up on simple words. After all, there’s a big difference between “your car will be towed” and “your car will be toad”.


Much like spelling, the use of correct pronunciation is integral to being understood by native speakers. Mispronouncing a word could make or break someone’s understanding. In order to convey the message the way you intended, pronunciation is key.

The only way to achieve this is through dedicated practice sounding out your words, listening to native speakers, and using helpful study partners where possible.

Lilly’s Gold

Your short term memory is adept at navigating daily tasks. But your long term is going to be your best friend when learning something new. It’s important to test this function as often as possible. The Goldlist method is a tried and tested method of engaging your long term memory with simple, repeated phrases. These phrases are spaced apart over several weeks. This is testing you by pushing your memory as far as it will stretch new information before you forget it. This is playing long-game with your language learning. Slow and steady wins the race!

Test Your Knowledge With Our English App

You may be wondering where the best place to test these learning modules is. This is where our English App LillyPad comes in!

With Lillypad, you can enjoy a curated, expert-approved selection of words and phrases. These have been specifically chosen with travellers and learners in mind. You can learn the most relevant and helpful phrases for first time English speakers, all from the comfort of home!

Our artificial intelligence tutor Lilly is specialized for the task. She acts as your own personal study buddy. If you get something wrong, you have plenty of chances to get it right. The best part about Lilly is she gives you help and pointers along the way. Challenging, engaging work in a simple and easy-to-use format. The Learning Pads can be done one at a time in more intensive sessions, or you can mix and match! Don’t be afraid to tailor your session to your strengths and weaknesses.

English app

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn colours in English?

Learning colours in English can be tricky, as there are often multiple ways to say the same colour. For example, the colour blue can be expressed as “blue,” “navy,” or “turquoise.” However, there are a few tips that can help make learning colours a little easier. First, try to find examples of the colours you want to learn in your everyday life. For instance, if you’re trying to learn the word “red,” look for things that are coloured red and memorize the word along with the object.

What are the 5 primary colours?

There are three primary colours- red, blue and yellow. These are the colours that cannot be made by mixing any other colours together. All other colours are made by mixing different proportions of these three primary colours. 

What is the difference between colour and color and when to use which?

There is actually no difference between colour and color – they both refer to the property of light that allows us to see objects. The word color is the American English spelling, while colour is the British English spelling. While there are many words that are spelt differently in British and American English, colour and color are two of the most commonly used words in both versions of the English language. So, whether you spell it colour or color, you’re actually referring to the same thing!

Learn from History – Follow the Science – Listen to the Experts

What’s the one thing that makes LillyPad so special? Lilly! She is an artificial intelligence English tutor, and she has people talking all over the world! Lilly makes improving your English easy. With Lilly you can read in four different ways, and you can read just about anything you love. And learning with Lilly, well that’s what you call liberating!

For learners of all ages striving to improve their English, LillyPad combines the most scientifically studied and recommended path to achieving English fluency and proficiency with today’s most brilliant technologies!

Additionally, the platform incorporates goal-setting capabilities, essential tracking & reporting, gamification, anywhere-anytime convenience, and significant cost savings in comparison to traditional tutoring methodologies.

At LillyPad, everything we do is focused on delivering a personalized journey that is meaningful and life-changing for our members. LillyPad isn’t just the next chapter in English learning…

…it’s a whole new story!

For people with purpose, passion, and perseverance.

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