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Educational and Effective eBooks for Language Students.

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or those lucky enough to speak native English, chances are they perfected it gradually. Children are slowly introduced to the language through examples and exposure. As we get older, the language we’ve learned becomes cemented in our minds. The language we’re lucky to know is full of characteristics we need to unlearn in order to learn another. Luckily, English comes with a variety of instruction manuals to help us along. English reading is accessible and plentiful for all tastes and preferences.

While learning English from literature books is effective and even suggested, having a few course books on hand is essential. The standardized information found in these books helps the student perfect the skills they already have. Many of these books have been written by language teachers themselves, giving you the freedom to take school home with you. Course books, when used as a supplement to English learning, can be a helpful tool. This, in combination with exercises in speaking, listening, and writing will give the student a well-rounded learning environment.

In this blog, we will list 20 informative and helpful English books for modern language students. All of these can be downloaded on LillyPad for ease of access. Building a library of information geared to your needs is important for learning. It’s like having a fully stocked pantry – you’re prepared for anything.

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Exercise and Course Books for English Learners

Welcome to our reading list for English Learners! Below we have compiled a curated reading list for people looking to supplement their language skills. Select the ones that apply to your immediate needs, and say hello to better English levels!

  1. English Literature by William J. Long

Supplementing your English learning with a book on the history and significance of the language is a great option. It’s also a great way to develop your reading love and engagement. For the English learner who wants to know a little more about English culture, this book offers a historical backdrop.

  1. Learn English Paragraph Writing Skills by Stephen E. Drew

This book is the first in a selection of English learning manuals for mature students. This book takes you through the steps of constructing sentences to form well-rounded paragraphs. It’s especially useful for students who need to learn how to write in the English language for work and school.

  1. Learn English: Survival Phrases by Innovative Language Learning

This book is part of a larger collection by Innovative Language Learning. We chose this one in particular because it offers important daily phrases. With 50 lessons included, you will learn phrases that can guide you through daily interactions. This book is great for students who need to speak English for work, school, or a vacation.

  1. S Blends: Consonant Cluster Pronunciation Practice by Jennifer Tarle

Jennifer Tarle has made an excellent collection of popular grammar books dedicated to phonetics. In these books, students who are not familiar with English pronunciation can learn how to clearly pronounce words. With examples and exercises inside, the student has everything they need to perfect their dialogue and talk like a native speaker.

  1. Learn English Exclamations by Manik Joshi

For students who have perfected their pronunciation and want to learn which words to emphasize, this book is useful. It covers everything from declarations to interrogations. With the help from this book, you’ll be given tools to speak with more passion and enthusiasm. It will also help students identify these emotions in native speakers and communicate more effectively.

  1. Learn English: Must-Know English Slang by Innovative Language Learning

This is a perfect book if you want to speak like a native. Slang is everywhere, and constantly evolving over time. Having a firm grasp of this simple language can help your communication and listening skills. It also exposes the reader to different learning style for acquiring English skills.

  1. Learn English: The Ultimate Guide to English Learning by Martha Wilson

This is a well-rounded general course book covering the ins and outs of English Learning. If you find yourself needing a complete overview of the learning process, this is a great one to pick up. Books like these are useful for those who want to learn English language skills but aren’t quite sure where to start.

  1. Prepositions By Example by Andrew Bruckfield

Prepositions are important in sentences because they give action and intent to the nouns. For example “she arrived after dinner” “I’m in a phone call”. Without these connections, the sentence would be difficult to understand. This book is full of useful examples, helping the English student learn about the role of prepositions and how to use them.

  1. How To Learn a Foreign Language by Paul Pimsleur

Dr. Pimsleur gives students their confidence back with this comprehensive guide. As the creator of the famous “Pimsleur Method”, he breaks down language learning piece by piece into simpler terms. This book is excellent not only for English language learners but for those looking to learn other languages at advanced levels as well.

  1.  Applied English Phonology by Mehmet Yavas

For those looking to truly perfect their pronunciation, this book paints a vivid picture. Yavas breaks down the English language into segmental phonetics, syllable structure, word stress, and English intonation in a clear and accessible manner. This, in combination with auditory learning, will make you an expert on pronunciation.

  1. The Art of Writing and Speaking the English Language by Sherwin Cody

In order to become a good writer, it takes time, practice, and execution. This book takes the student on a step-by-step journey to writing in English with lots of examples. This book is a useful tool for English learners and English speakers alike. It feeds you useful prompts and practice exercises to give you proficiency and skill.

  1. The Big Book of English Verbs by Mark Lester

This book contains 555 of the “highest frequency” verbs found in the English language. It’s an excellent resource for beginners looking for relevant words. With the help from this book, you will have a diverse range of vocabulary to use and practice.

  1. Short Stories in English for Beginners by Olly Richards

While studying vocabulary is helpful, it’s even more helpful to identify it in a certain context. This book contains 8 unconventional and engaging works of fiction for English Learners. It is designed to keep students excited about language learning because having fun is the key to success. If you manage to read this version with ease, you can move on to the intermediate practice exercises!

  1. Practical Exercises in English by Huber Gray Beuhler

This book is useful for English learners, and native speakers looking to brush up on their grammar in real life. In this book, Beuhler covers all ground from slag to correct dictations. Alongside helpful information, it provides numerous exercises to learn from. This is truly interactive and thorough learning material, and a must-have for English studies.

  1. Easy English Grammar Step-by-Step by Phyllis Dutwin

For students looking to bring the classroom home with them, look no further. This book focuses on a step-by-step approach to improving your English grammar with simple explanations. With teachings that are joined together by clear explanations, exercises, common phrases, and helpful answers. As you work through this book, it gets increasingly more difficult. By the end, you will find your grammar skills vastly improved.

  1. English Pronouns and Prepositions by Ed Swick

These two essential components of English grammar are explored in this helpful book. As you read, you will be given various exercises and tips for learning this grammar. The key to this book is extensive practice, which mimics a classroom environment with detailed explanations.

  1. English Synonyms and Antonyms by James Champlin Fernald

This book has been enjoyed in English classrooms since 1923. It has since been reprinted and modernized for your benefit, but still contains the same helpful content. In this book, you will be served the meat and potatoes of vocabulary. A thorough understanding of synonyms and antonyms is vital for English proficiency. With help from the exercises in this classroom classic, you’ll be an expert in English.

  1. REA’s Handbook of English Grammar, Style, and Writing by REA

Writing skills are hard enough to perfect in your native language, let alone a new language. This easy-to-understand, straightforward book is full of examples of how to improve your writing skills. With nearly 5-star ratings online, you will find this a well-rounded source of information and practice.

  1. Clear English Pronunciation by Dick Smakman

This book was written by a linguist professor at Leiden University. It’s split into 4 sections, which offer a nuanced approach to English pronunciation for adult learners. This book aims to dispel the one-size-fits-all approach to the English language, with detailed samples and explanations.

  1. Higher Lessons in English by Alonzo Reed and Brainerd Kellog

This book was initially published in 1877 and gives a classical, student-friendly approach to grammar. This method is still used in English language classrooms today because of its accessibility and diagrams. Illustrations can be hard to find in English coursebooks, but this one offers a more visual approach for intermediate learners.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn English with self study?

While it can be difficult to motivate yourself to study without the structure of a class, there are a few things you can do to make self-study more effective. First, create a schedule and stick to it. Dedicate a set amount of time each day or week to studying, and make sure to stick to your plan. Next, find a variety of materials to work with, including books, websites, and apps. This will help to keep you engaged and prevent you from getting bored. Finally, practice regularly. One of the best ways to improve your English skills is by using them in real-world situations.

Does reading books improve your speaking?

While some people may believe that reading books has no bearing on their ability to communicate verbally, the act of reading itself can actually help to improve speaking skills. This is because reading helps to increase vocabulary and understanding of grammar rules. In addition, reading also helps to improve focus and concentration, both of which are essential for effective communication. 

How can I improve my advanced English?

There are a number of things you can do to improve your advanced English skills. First, it is important to read as much as possible. Reading helps to expand your vocabulary and familiarize you with different structures and grammatical usage. In addition, it is helpful to watch English-language movies and television programs. Pay attention to the way native speakers use the language, and mimic their pronunciation and intonation as much as possible. Finally, it is also a good idea to practice speaking with native English speakers as often as possible.

What is the best method to learn English?

There is no single right answer, and different students will find different approaches more useful. However, one of the most important things is to make sure that you are consistently exposed to English in some way, whether it is through reading, writing, listening or speaking. This will help you to gradually build up your skills and confidence, and eventually reach a point where you are able to communicate effectively in English.

How can I improve my English in 6 months?

One of the most effective ways to improve your English is to immerse yourself in the language as much as possible. This means seeking out opportunities to read, write, listen and speak English as often as possible. In addition, it is important to seek out feedback from native speakers and other knowledgeable individuals in order to identify areas where you can continue to improve.

Best book for learning English speaking for beginners?

In order to answer this question, it is important to first consider the individual’s level of English proficiency. For beginners who are just starting to learn English, it is recommended that they start with a textbook that focuses on basic grammar and vocabulary. Once the foundations have been established, they can then move on to a book that focuses on more advanced topics such as conversation and pronunciation. For individuals who are already proficient in English, there are books available that focus on specific areas such as business English or idiomatic expressions.

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